Meet our Teachers & Staff


Mrs. Mary Agosto


Mrs. Katelynn Marcum


Mrs. Kristine Wills


Mrs. Michelle Welker


Mrs. Jennifer Folstein

First Grade

Mrs. Amy Haley

First Grade

Ms. Sandra Hall

First Grade

Mrs. Jill Hyde

First Grade

Ms. Sheri Lamb

Second Grade

Mrs. Jessica Loury

Second Grade

Mrs.Emily Pidgeon

Second Grade

Mrs. Kristen Roseman

Second Grade

Mrs. Denise Nault

Third Grade

Mrs. Lauryn Vaughn

Third Grade

Mrs. Mandy Pedicone

Third Grade

Mrs. Sara Williams

Third Grade

Mrs. Tina Ballou

Fourth Grade

Ms. Tori Hawkins

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Laura Matthews

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Marykathryn Oppelt

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Shelia Hayden

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Amy Lerche

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Alissa Stillinger

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Lorelei Vitulli

Fifth Grade

Mr. Michael Asch

Sixth Grade

Ms. Sarah Bogenreif

Sixth Grade

Mrs. Michelle Bonney

Sixth Grade

Mrs. Kelly Cooke

Sixth Grade

Upper School

Ms. Michaela Allen

HS Mathematics

Mrs. Dale Baker

HS Chemistry

Mrs. Jennifer Barna


Mr. Joseph Carioto

HS History

Mr. Peter Cody

HS HOPE/Math Enrichment

Mrs. Deborah Fink

MS English

Mr. Casey Fordyce

MS Physical Education

Mr. BrandonJohn Hare

MS History

Mrs. D’Sashia Jackson

MS History

Mr. Manuel Ramirez

MS Science/HS Spanish

Ms. Allison Reynolds

MS Math/ Student Activities

Mrs. Klara Scripter

HS Biology

Mrs. Kimberly Scudder


Mrs. Kearsten Smith

MS Mathematics

Mrs. Amy Turner

MS/HS Latin

Mrs. Rebecca Zauner

MS/HS Music and Drama


Ms. Miranda Blain

Student Services Coordinator (Elementary)

Ms. Jennifer Burbea

ESE Assistant (Elementary)

Mrs. Penny Castor

ESE Assistant (Upper School)

Ms. Jean marie Contreras

Director of Mathematics

Mrs. Stacey Gilbert

ESE Resource (Elementary)

Mrs. Michelle Johns

Student Services Coordinator (MS/HS)

Mrs. Kim Parker

ESE Resource (Intermediate)

Mrs. Nicole Roberts

Literacy Trainer

Mrs. Rebecca Standridge

ESE Resource (Upper School)

Mrs. Emily Stover

ESE Resource (Elementary)

Mrs. Christine Thomas

Guidance Counselor

Specials/Activities (Elementary)

Ms. Heather Ball

Physical Education

Mrs. Jill Johnson

Physical Education

Mrs. Delia Lancaster

Art Education

Mrs. Michelle Melian

Spanish Language

Ms. Renee Pariseau

Music Education


Mr. Paul Brown

Facilities Manager

Mrs. Sharon Bunche

Before/Aftercare Coordinator

Mrs. Kelly Harris

Front Office Clerk

Mrs. Kathy Holem

Food Service Director

Mrs. Joanne Maciejewski

School Registrar

Mrs. Tramesa Moore

Food Service Manager (Upper School)

Mrs. Hadley Mussler

Front Office Staff

Mrs. Holly Nickerson

Front Office Staff

Mrs. Sarah Renner

Front Office Staff

Ms. Laura Sroka

Food Service Manager

Mr. Christopher Williams

Head Custodian