Employment Opportunities

2019-2020 Projected Openings

Teaching and Staff Positions:

PCCA is expanding in the 2019-2020 school year to include a 40,000 sq ft new high school building. As such, we will be hiring upper school faculty and staff to fill our new building and expanding the lower school offerings in our current building.

Lower school:

  • Fourth grade
  • Fifth grade
  • Sixth grade
  • Gifted Resource

Upper school:

  • MS English (7-8)
  • MS History (7-8)
  • MS Latin (7-8)
  • MS Art
  • HS Foreign Language (Spanish, French)
  • HS Electives (Computer Science, Art) (9-10)
  • HS Technology (Computer Science preferred)/Tech associate split- Reduced course load coupled with device management for the schools. Must be certified teacher.


  • Front Office Staff- AS400 experience required to include demographics, scheduling, and ESE input. E-mail resume to Joanne Maciejewski at maciejewskij@pineapplecoveclassicalacademy.com.
  • Cafe staff- E-mail resume to Kathy Holem at holemk@pineapplecoveclassicalacademy.com.
  • Custodial staff- E-mail resume to Paul Brown at brownp@pineapplecoveclassicalacademy.com.

Click for PCCA’s Employment Application.